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Trade License

We will help you start and run your own business the right way. We will make sure that you have all the requirements fulfilled correctly and on time. We will do the trade license registration, tax identification, social insurance processing, and proper health insurance selection.

s.r.o. Company

We have a team of experts to help you simplify the super complicated process of forming your very own sro formation. Whether it is a single proprietary company, a partnership, or multiple equity company, we will ensure that you get it right.

Tax, Finance & Social

Our accountants will do your monthly, quarterly, or yearly accounting. Whether it is the filing, returns and discounts, VAT, or any other issues. We will also help you pay and manage your social insurance policies to make sure you fulfill all the requirements. People who will be able to fulfill these will enjoy the benefits of receiving allowance when they retire.

Health Insurance

Many people find out that they do not have the correct health insurance only when they are already in the hospital needing treatment. Do you need a complex insurance or a publicly-provided health insurance? Talk to us and we will tell you exactly which one you need and where to get the best offer.

Yearly Accounting

Whether you are local or a foreigner, we will make sure you do not get in trouble with your accounting.

Language Translation

If you need official, court translations of your document for any legal processing, we can do it for you. Whether it be English to Czech, Russian to Czech, or any other European language, we will manage it for you. If you need an official translator to accompany you in offices or any proceedings, call us.



Working Permit

Third-country citizens who wants to work in Czech Republic needs a work permit. We will help you and your employer get this permit so you can legally do business together without any problems.

Business License

If you do prefer to work for several companies, this is the right license for you. Working as a contractor gives you not just the flexibility but also the capacity to make decisions for yourself that are normally left to the company to decide.

Company Formation

Depending on the right situation, it could be that a company is the best form of entity to conduct your business. Choosing the correct type and having a company setup correctly makes a big difference to your success.

Foreigner Assistance

Sometime Czech law can be confusing. A foreigner not fully understanding Czech language can make it even worse. We have native Czech, English, Spanish, and other European language speakers to make sure you will be able to express what you need to tell.

School Nostrification

If you want to pursue higher learning in the Czech Republic or if you need your diploma to be recognized in the Czech Republic for the purposes of employment, we can do it for you. We will find the right school or university to make things easier for you.


Before any problem turns into arguments, we can mediate between an employer and employee to make sure both parties understand each other. Whether it be legal clarification or merely language issues, we will try our best to arrive a fair conclusion.

If you see a mountain in front of you, we will help you climb it.


House Help

Baby Sitting

Have that special someone who will be there for your children when you need to be away. We have tried and tested baby-sitters who are trust-worthy and friendly.

Kitchen Cook

Have you and your family have somebody to prepare meals for you fresh and hot whether you want something native or exotic.

Home Nanny

Whether you need a full-time, or a part-time nanny, we will find the right person for you. Outsource these errands to somebody who is caring and dedicated to you, your children, and your whole family.

Plant Gardening

We can have somebody take care of your lawn, your flowers and your trees to make sure they are always healthy and strong.

House Cleaner

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, we can find somebody to help you clean your place, wash and iron your clothes, and all other house tasks in between.

Stuff Mover

We also provide not just female helpers but also male helpers if you need somebody to carry or move around furnitures and objects. We have a team of skilled, hard-working, friendly helpers to get your things from point A to point B.


Visa and Residence

Business Visa

If you are here in the Czech Republic as a business contractor, then this is the type of visa that you need. We will assist you to get all the papers you need and will accompany you to the foreign police or any other offices that may need your appearance.

Long-term Residence

All working visa holders may apply for a long-term residence. There are many benefits to having this status and we can help you get it.

Working Visa

Whether you have just hired somebody to work for you or whether you are applying for one, we can assist you with all the requirements of acquiring a working visa. Whether you are here in Czech republic or outside, we will assist you to make sure things work out. Working visa rangers from 6 months to as long as 2 years with the possibility of extensions.

Permanent Residence

After living for five years in Czech Republic, you are already entitled to get a permanent residence. The procedure is long and tough but we will try our best to help. Permanent residence is issued for five years. Permanent residence holders also do not need a working permit.

Czech Citizenship

The final step of integration in the Czech Republic is acquiring its citizenship. If approved, you will be able to enjoy all the same privileges granted to Czechs including having a European passport and voting rights. Citizenship is applied at the Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic.

Family Reunification

If you have left your family back home to work here in Czech Republic, we can help you reunite with your husband, wife, or children.


We love to help

We are a team of local and foreign experts committed to help you achieve your goals. We have experience helping local, European, and many other nationalities with their administrative needs, visa requirements, finance help, or anything else in between.


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