About Us

AUNO is an experienced, private immigration company which provides advice and services for foreigners living in Prague, and for EU and NON-EU citizens planning to relocate to the Czech Republic.

Alpha Uno was founded in the year 2012 to help foreigner focus on what they do best by keeping them away from worrying about bureaucracy and redtape. Whilst many foreigners dream of relocating or moving to Czech Republic, they immediately find that is is not as easy. This process can become easier and simpler with our help.

Our services are fast, efficient and tailored for your needs. If you’re looking to utilise the services of a Czech Republic Immigration firm, it’s vital that you contact us as we are the most reliable platform that’s ready to give you the best experience.

We try to find the best way to help you legally reside in the Czech Republic in the simplest and most streamlined way possible, and we are ready to prevent you from becoming the victim of an Immigration scam or Immigration fraud. As the number of Immigration companies continues to grow, some of them have turned out to be bogus and are often set up to swindle vulnerable victims out of their cash.

Our mission is to advise, assist, and represent our clients throughout the often-complex visa application process. Thanks to our expertise, we make sure the visa procedure is as stress free as possible.

Many foreigners only realize the amount of matters that have to be sorted through and arranged once they arrived in our stunning country. There is no need to stress, if all information is at least known before arriving, this will save you many nights of worry and many more days to enjoy our country with yourself or your family.

Alpha Uno is not affiliated with the Czech Government and acts independently in the interests of our clients. It is an officially established company that handles a wide variety of Czech immigration issues, with a particular focus in visas, business immigration law, and work permit related cases. We believe in giving you a safe and easy experience.

We are looking forward to working with you and helping you become a legal resident of the Czech Republic!