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EU Nationals


As an EU citizen or EU citizen’s family relative, you don’t have to obtain a work permit to start working in the Czech Republic. When getting employed, the same rules apply to you as to any other Czech citizen.

NON-EU Nationals

You are obliged to register your place of residence with the Foreign Police or the Immigration office within 3 working days of your arrival in the country. This applies for visa holders as well as for visitors with no visa requirement.

Registering with the Foreign Police is easy. You can just visit the office and fill in a short form. Bring just your passport or ID card and make sure you know your exact address, the name of the property owner and the day of your arrival in the country. In exchange for the form, you will get a stamp in your passport with the address filled in or an extra sheet in case you came with your ID only.

Any subsequent change must be reported to the Immigration office (Hněvkovského 65) within 3 days, in case of name, marital status and passport number; or 30 days in case of change of address. Read our guide for Residence permits to find out more.

The Foreign Police are in charge of everything regarding a short-term Visa up to 90 days. Anything longer has to be sorted through the Immigration office.

For long term residence permits (following the visa) contact the Immigration office of the Ministry of the Interior (located at Hněvkovského 65).  Arranging an appointment beforehand may save you a couple of hours of waiting time – use the server Foreign Registration System to arrange a meeting.

All visas to enter the country have to be applied for at a Czech embassy abroad. Visa requirements are listed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.

More information about the residence permits can be found directly at the Immigration’s office website: